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Wild Flowers - Testimonials & Experiences from others

"The lovely Blair gave me a beautiful reading that was so heartfelt and genuine. No hesitation in giving her a recommendation if you are considering a tarot reading. I felt like she was sitting across the table talking to me. Thanks Blair."

-  Amanda

"I absolutely loved Blair's 'Introduction to Aromatherapy' workshop and I learn't about so much more than just essential oils! Blair covered a whole range of topics from gut health, mindfulness and stress management techniques, tops for a more balanced lifestyle and living (and cooking!) chemical free. Blair really listened to each person and was eager to share all her knowledge and experience with the group. I am really inspired by Blair's wisdom and passion for all things holistic health."

-  Annie

"Having someone like Blair in your life is essential. Whether you want to know how to make kombucha or you need guidance to live your best life. I have learn't so much from her that I feel like I've had a spiritual and mental enlightenment. Blair is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge and should certainly be credited for her passion to create a healthier world."

-  Cassandra

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