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Blair Kalivati - Female Australian Holistic Coach With Her Free Range Chicken

I believe everyone deserves a nourished mind, body and soul
no matter who they are or where they've come from.

I'm so glad to meet you!

My name's Blair but you've probably already figured that one out. You may also know me as Manic Mama Bear but we'll get to the change of business name at the end of the story.

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be two things; A person that helps people and a teacher. Now you may think that it is absolutely ridiculous for a little eight year old girl to dream for helping, healing and guiding but that same little eight year old girl grew up in a world stained with mental illness, addiction and violence. So that little eight year old girl learnt very quickly that she wanted to change the world.

This all became cemented in who I am when I started my journey with my own mental health. This propelled me to not only learn and understand myself deeper but also the lives of others in a holistic way. I wanted to know: how do other's minds work? I wanted to know: how do other's bodies work? I have always been immensely curious and this just made it stronger.

Learning to navigate the world with a mental illness is brutal and unforgiving and brought a myriad of life experiences, some triumphs and a lot of descents. But throughout all of these breakdowns and breakthroughs I learnt a lot about myself as a person. This also gave me the power to relate to people from all walks of life in a deep, honest and authentic way.

Throughout my journey I used healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms. I tried to bury and hide myself in anything I could get my hands on. And the more this went on I slowly realised I was getting further and further away from the person that I wanted to be.

At age nineteen I jumped headfirst into university and TAFE studying neuroscience, psychology, community services & social welfare - With my elective fields being mental health, domestic violence, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, youth and psychology. After completing my studies I dived into a career in disability which I absolutely loved and it provided me with yet another lense to view the world through.

I then embarked on another journey; The journey of motherhood. Quickly finding myself as a single mother with two incredible little boys. While the challenges did not cease, I learned to show up to them in a new way and I had a new fire burning. I was set on becoming the best version of myself possible. And I was determined to create the world that I wanted as well as the world that my children deserve.

My passion for nutrition came after a long battle with disordered eating. I wanted to not only nourish my mind but also my body and I realised how important a holistic view on health is. I had been through enough and I was tired of hating myself. It was time to let the love in.

I started my journey on social media in 2016 as 'Manic Mama Bear' because I wanted to help people and share my experiences with mental illness but I wanted to hide my identity. I thought people would judge me and treat me differently if they knew about my diagnosis'. One of my biggest fears has always been people finding out about my diagnosis whether their friends, family or lovers, I hid it from everyone. Now my business is my name because i've come out, loud and proud, yes I have mental health issues but no one is perfect.

That's what makes life so beautiful.

So, hello, I'm Blair Kalivati. I live in Rutherglen VIC (Australia) with my incredibly magical husband and my three beautiful children. I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Disordered Eating.

I am a holistic life coach that provides one on one support & workshops as well as an abundance of other services.

I am now living the dream of my little eight year old self.

And I am absolutely honored to be a part of your journey.

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