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I'm so excited that you're interesting in starting your aromatherapy journey!

An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile chemical compounds from plants. Essential oils and aromatherapy were established in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians cultivated plants for their oils and used them extensively for medicinal purposes (as well as in their cosmetics and religious practices).

And I get it, aromatherapy can seem overwhelming, confusing and too hard.

Whilst I am not an Egyptian; I do have years of experience incorporating essential oils into mine and my families lives and I can tell you that it's not as scary as it looks.

There is no better time to learn about how aromatherapy can heal and nourish your mind, body and soul AND give you a completely new outlook on health.

The Workshop Includes A Full Introduction Into Aromatherapy:

•  What an essential oil is and how they are made

•  Different categories of essential oils

•  Different ways essential oils can be used

• Safety information


•  Why and how to dilute essential oils


I will show you the ten essential oils that I started my journey with
and what they can be used for.


•  Access to my aromatherapy friends support group

The workshop will cover everything you need to know to start your journey with essential oils and while I use the brand DoTerra for the workshop the information given applies to any good quality brand of essential oils.


You're going to love this workshop, our community and expanding your knowledge by learning a new way to look at health!

I can't wait for you to become one of my aromatherapy friends!

Full Introduction Into Aromatherapy

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