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How I Naturally Feed My Plants


how i naturally feed my plants

gardening and plants

It probably doesn't surprise you that I consider myself a bit of a green thumb.

And of course being Italian I enjoy food and the pure joy that comes from feeding others. That includes everything from people to plants.

Step through my front door and you will be fed.

Full stop.

So whilst none of this may surprise you; it may surprise you what I choose to feed my plants and garden. Because, let's be real, I'm sure you already know that I am going to steer clear from chemicals, synthetic materials and toxins. And instead lean into sustainable and natural options to make my plants and garden thrive!

egg shells for the garden

egg shells

Egg shells are abundant in calcium and other minerals which help moderate soil acidity whilst providing incredible nutrients for your plants!

Not only that but the egg shells themselves stop creepy crawlies from munching on your plants as well! I boil my egg shells into a tea for my plants and they absolutely adore it!

banana skins for the garden

banana skins

Banana skins are jam packed with so much incredible goodness! The skins of bananas are abundant in potassium as well as nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium which not only provides nourishment for the soil but your plants will love it as well!

I simply add my banana skins to an up-cycled jar with filtered water and after a few days it is good to go!

tea and coffee for the garden

tea and coffee

Used tea and coffee grounds are great fertilizers for your garden!

They improve drainage, water retention and aeration in the soil which assists the microorganisms in the soil to thrive! As we know when humans have a healthy level of microorganisms on their skin and in their body they have the tools they need to live optimally. Your plants and the soil of your plants are the same!

essential oils for the garden - young living

essential oils

Just like the coffee and tea grounds these incredible beauties not only promote good microorganisms in our soil and in our plants but they also kill the bad microorganisms. Just when you thought aromatherapy couldn't have any more benefits!

I specifically use Young Living's Thieves Blend as well as their Peppermint.

chicken poo for the garden
chicken poo

If you've been following my journey for a while you will know how much I love chickens!

They make great pets, they devour our food waste and produce delicious eggs but they also make nourishing manure for our plants and gardens!

Not only does chicken poo support and promote the microorganisms in the soil but it also increases water retention as well as providing our plants and soil with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium!

mahina menstrual cup - menstrual blood for the garden
menstrual blood

I know it's taboo but seriously menstrual blood is absolutely incredible and it shouldn't be taboo.

Menstrual blood is abundant in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which all help plants, gardens and soils thrive!

Plus there is something truly special about returning your blood to nature. I use a Mahina Menstrual Cup and simply dilute my blood and add it to my plants.

compost for the garden


Last but definitely not least we have compost! Compost attracts, supports and promotes the microorganisms in the soil. The various bacteria, fungi, insects, worms and more keep your plants happy and healthy as well as their soil!

We have our compost in an old vegetable planter and I absolutely love to see how much life it holds as well as how much my plants love it!

fruit and vegetable patch - strawberries

It's been an absolutely honor passing my plant magic onto you. Whether it's luscious flowers, nourishing vegetables or a beautiful indoor plant I can't wait to see you lean into sustainable and natural options to make your plants and garden thrive!

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