Why I Ditched DoTerra


Now I'm not going to jump on here and bad mouth a company because that is not how I roll. I like to lead my life with kindness, love and positivity. But I can also appreciate all of your curiosity because I think it is such a valuable trait to have and of coarse it reminds me of myself. I am a very curious creature which is one of the reasons my journey has lead me here.

I have had countless people reaching out to me because they have noticed that I have ditched DoTerra.

So here is my story:

Health and wellness have always been a driving force in my life and they inevitably lead me to a DoTerra essential oil workshop nearly five years ago.

I jumped in.

I'm a feet first kind of gal.

I bought my kit and integrated their oils into every part of my life.

And I was happy.

Until six months ago when I started doing extensive research into their company and other companies like them.

Now of coarse I should have done this research five years ago before starting my journey but unfortunately I didn't. I put my trust into this company and I believed what they were saying was true.

Six months ago I started doing research on Young Living and comparing them to DoTerra.

I couldn't believe it until I tried it for myself.

I am a kinaesthetic person. I am very hands on in every aspect of my life including how I learn. So I explored.

And hand on heart as soon as I smelt Young Livings essential oils and touched their products DoTerra was dead to me.

The quality was unlike anything I have ever seen or smelt or touched before.

So, long story short, that is why I ditched DoTerra.

And while I am not going to stand here and tell you to ditch DoTerra or whatever company you have invested in; I do encourage you to look behind the curtain. .

Do your own research.

It is someone's job to come up with a marketing strategy to persuade you to buy their products and believe what they say. It is your job to look past this. It is your job to educate yourself. It is your job to look into these brands that you trust and question whether you should be trusting them. Because my dear, when you know better you can do better

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