The Masculine, The Feminine and Me

Updated: May 24, 2020

When it comes to the masculine and feminine energies it's all about polarity, balance and flow. But what happens when you're not feeling well within yourself? Does this impact the dance between the masculine and feminine? I for one believe it does.

Regardless of your gender we all have both masculine and feminine energies inside of us. Generally we will sit in one energy more than the other but it is important to circulate and have a flow and most importantly not neglect either of your energies. Personally when I am not feeling well I find I fall strong and hard into my masculine and my feminine energy gets forgotten, suppressed and pushed to the side. It's a coping mechanism. The Masculine survives, penetrates and gets shit done. The Feminine surrenders, is soft and is vulnerable. Now that I've realised this I have a quick list of ways to return me to my feminine energy. Things like music, dancing, yoga, movement, being vocal, meditation, self pleasure, being naked, spending time with nature, surrendering during sex, massage, laughing and being silly and playful are a few of my go to activities.

How do you return to your neglected energy?

Energies within the body are just one of the many things that we can explore in private coaching

Private coaching sessions are available in person, online via video chat or over the phone. It's entirely up to you and what you're most comfortable with.

I'll meet you there x

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