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The Beginners Guide To Freezing Using Glass Jars


the beginners guide to freezing using glass jars

freezing in glass jars

Every time I show in my stories that I use repurposed glass jars to freeze everything in my inbox gets flooded! So I thought I would give you some simple tips and tricks so that your freezer and your jars can start bonding! Okay, I'm sure that by now we all know that plastic is not good for, well, anything really. Especially not for storing food as it can leech chemicals that create chaos in our bodies. So storing your food (and everything else) in glass jars is a beautiful step in the direction to looking after yourself and your family.

Not to mention it's giving glass jars a lot of love and a new life! Now this does not have to be an expensive practice! As you will see if you follow my stories on Instagram the glass jars that I use the most are just repurposed jars that I purchased food in. Now, I always get the question - Do your jars every crack or break in the freezer? And the answer is yes. Once in a blue moon I will have a jar that cracks and is now in jar heaven. The reason for this is that non-tempered glass contains microscopic air bubbles that expand and contract as the glass is heated or cooled. So the most important things to remember are: • Leave a decent gap at the top of your jar - Around 2 - 3CM • Do not change the temperature of the jar rapidly. Happy freezing!


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