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Simple Habits To Keep You Loved Up


simple habits to keep you loved up
blair and pita kalivati

Trust me, I get it! Once kids come into the picture it can be easy to create bad habits, put your relationship on the back-burner and feel more like housemates than lovers.

My husband and I have simple steps and habits that we've added to our daily routine to stop this from happening.

And I am not suggesting in anyway that my relationship is perfect but I am saying that when we can operate from a conscious space incredible things are possible.


When you wake up in the morning, before you leave the house & when you return acknowledge each other. A simple greeting followed by a cuddle & a kiss before you dump your whole day on the other person can make a world of difference.

intentional touch

Passing each other in the kitchen & adding a cheeky bum squeeze or a kiss is a great way to not only teach your kids about healthy touch in a relationship but can be a fun way to return you to being lovers instead of team mates.

Physical touch is not just for the bedroom!

light each other up

Doing things as simple as making the other partner a cup of tea or coffee without being prompted or leaving a cute little love note can really light each other up.

What is something small you can do today that will bring a smile to your partners face?

love languages

Now if you haven't heard of the five love languages then I would definitely dive deeper as it's an immensely useful tool!