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How Do You Tissue?


How do you tissue - sustainable - natural - ecofriendly
Reusable tissue station - Sustainability

When I started on my sustainability journey I tackled one area of change at a time and to be honest tissues were one of our last changes. I was buying them in compostable packaging so the entire product was biodegradable so it fell lower on my list of priorities.

But when I thought about how many resources go into the production of tissues it seemed crazy not to make the switch.

Western countries, on average, use upwards of 255,360,000,000 disposable facial tissues a year.

Yep, I'll wait while that sinks in.

That is billions!

How many trees and how much water do you think it takes to make 255,360,000,000 tissues?

I created a reusable tissue station with a flick of my fingers and a visit to my local thrift store.

We have two recycled jars and thrifted handkerchiefs.

We have not looked back!

If they're folded they're clean and if they're not they're dirty.

Simple. Easy. Cheap. Effective.


Want more sustainability inspiration
Toxic free - diy - sustainable - natural - cleaning - sustainability workshop

Why not explore my sustainability workshop?

The Sustainability Workshop Will Include: •  Apple cider vinegar •  Stock •  Bone broth • Fertilizer

•  Conditioner

• Vanilla essence

•  Fabric softener​

•  Rinse aid​

•  Window cleaner​

•  How to utilize your glass jars in the freezer, fridge and pantry

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I'll meet you there x


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