Father's Day Gift Guide

Whether he's holistic and handsome or just plain handsome I've got you covered! Let's just jump into it!

The first website off the bat should not come as a surprise to you

muscle recovery bath infusion

My Muscle Recovery Bath Infusion will be Dad's best friend! Providing relief from stress, replenishing lost minerals, detoxifying the body, relieves aches and pains, promotes restfulness and sleep, cleans congested pores, stimulates circulation, provides respiratory relief, soothes irritated skin and aids digestion.

sweet mint herbal helper

Who doesn't love a cuppa?

Why not love a cuppa that will love you back!

My Sweet Mint Herbal Helper is a blend of organic peppermint leaves, organic fennel seeds and organic licorice root.

sapphire herbal helper

My Sapphire Herbal Helper is a blend of organic butterfly pea flower & organic lemon balm.

lemon and ginger herbal helper

My Lemon & Ginger Herbal Helper is a blend of organic lemongrass, organic licorice root & organic ginger root.

herbal helper hamper

Can't decide?

Why not get him one of my Herbal Helper Hampers!

Perhaps Dad is interested in learning a new skill. Loves a good kombucha or is interested in fermented foods.

online kombucha and fermenting workshop

He will love my Online Kombucha Workshop! The workshop covers everything you need to know about making kombucha from start to finish (including preparation and first and second fermentation) as well as how to ferment vegetables with your starter tea, how to make immunity gummies, how to grow your own SCOBY AND how to make kombucha vinegar.

There's a range of options and inclusions to suit everyone!

online tarot card reading

Is Dad a bit on the spiritual side? Has he always wanted to explore tarot?

Why not book him in for a tarot reading? Or grab him his own deck of tarot cards?

blairkalivati discount code

As a way of saying thank you for shopping with me this Father's Day I have set you all up with a discount code!

Use the code DAD for 10% off all of your Father's Day goodies at

young living

If you know me; you know Young Living is my jam! Which is why I integrate their products into mine, my children's and my husbands day to day life. Young Living have an expansive range of products to suit anyone no matter where they are in their health and wellness journey and, to be honest, my Dad is getting NingXia Red for Father's Day this year!

young living

Young living

You can explore Young Living's starter kits here or you can contact me directly at and we can customize a bundle for Dad together!

Depending on your order you may be eligible for a free membership, 24% off, a free gift pack AND access to the Young Living Thrive Tribe community.

[Young Living's Price List and Young Living's Product Guide]

offensive living

Now this is a bit of a cheeky one but let's be honest; who doesn't like a cheeky doormat? Some of these doormats are not for the faint of heart but I absolutely love these doormats and really enjoy gifting them to people because, lets be real, I'm no stranger to the f bomb.

offensive living