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Bone Broth Minestrone Recipe


This bone broth minestone is a favourite in our house and it will blow your mind when you realise how delicious and nourishing it is!

• 1 Large Brown Onion

• 3 Cloves Of Garlic

• 2-3 Celery Sticks

• 2-3 Carrots (Peeled)

• 1 Zucchini

• 1 Cup of Kidney Beans

• 1 Cup of Chickpeas

• 800g Diced Tomatoes

• 2L of Chicken Bone Broth

• 1 Cup of Pasta

(You can add any other vegetables or legumes that you would like this is just the base recipe. You can add meat as well; My husband adds bacon or choritzo. If you require more liquid you can double the tomatoes and broth)

1: Dice onion, carrot and celery and add to a large pot with some oil or ghee.

2: Once you've fried that off for a few minutes, crush the garlic and add to the pot.

3: Add your zucchini, chick peas and kidney beans (if using tinned make sure they are drained and rinsed)

4: Add the tomatoes and fry off for a few minutes.

5: Add the broth and bring it to the boil.

6: Once you've brought it to the boil then you can drop it down to a simmer for 40 minutes or until vegetables are tender.

7: Add the pasta.

8: Once the pasta is cooked then you can top with fresh parsley or spinach and serve.


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